Industrial and Management Systems Engineering

Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Engineering

A candidate for the degree of doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) must comply with the rules and regulations of the College of Engineering and Mineral Resources and the University. To be accepted in the Ph.D. program, applicants should have as a minimum the equivalent of a 3.40 GPA in their graduate work. Applicants for the Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering are required to take the GRE. Final application review will not be done until the GRE has been received by the admissions committee.
They must also meet all the entrance requirements stated earlier for the master's programs. Each student will develop a program with a major in industrial engineering, or occupational safety and health designed to meet his/her needs and objectives in consultation with an advisor and the advisory and examining committee.

Required core courses for the Ph.D. program are determined by the student's area of emphasis. In general, Ph.D. students take approximately 54 hours of course work beyond their baccalaureate degree, with a minimum of 30 hours in industrial engineering. The research work for the doctoral dissertation may entail a fundamental investigation or a broad and comprehensive investigation into an area of specialization. Early in the doctoral program, the student must pass an examination to demonstrate master's-level proficiency in industrial engineering subject matter. Upon completion of the course work, the student must pass a written examination in order to be admitted to candidacy. An acceptable dissertation must be written and defended.